Ilundo is the site of our first run-of-river hydropower project. This facility will include two integrated, grid-connected mini-hydro power plants, each capable of generating up to 150 kilovolts of renewable energy. These will be tied into the national power grid and deliver renewable energy to residents and businesses throughout Tanzania. This project represents our first partnership with the Ilundo Cooperative Society. We expect to break ground and reach full operation in 2017. This project will also include the construction of a small off-grid component that will deliver power to 400-500 residential customers.

Status: Small Power Purchase Agreement Pending
Project Type: Utility-Scale
Green Technologies: Run-of-River Hydropower
Power Generation: 300 Kilowatts
Customer Types: Commercial Utility
Potential Customer Base: National Grid (TANESCO); Off-Grid 400-500 Residential & Small Business Customers
Energy Coverage: 24×7

Ilundo is located in the Rungwe District of the Mbeya region in southwestern Tanzania. You can click on the map below for a larger view of its location.

map ilundo

The photo album shows the progression of the energy project from inception to completion. You can click on any of the photos below for a larger view of our progress.

Feasibility Study
Once identified, the initial sites are surveyed for depth and flow characteristics to determine feasibility for the project. The feasibility study was conducted by Cook Legacy Water & Energy, and the team can be seen below conducting sampling surveys and collecting data for analysis. Once transmitted to our headquarters, our hydrological team will evaluate the results and begin planning the next steps including preliminary engineering work and initial power plant design. A summary of the survey project is available HERE.

Back Camera ilundo-17 ilundo-18 ilundo-19
ilundo-20 ilundo-21 ilundo-22 ilundo-25

Site Reconnaissance
After completing the feasibility study, our team visited the site to do some advanced reconnaissance. In the photos below, our CEO Mr. John Tate is surveying the river with members of the Ilundo Cooperative Society.

ilundo-01 ilundo-05 ilundo-06 ilundo-07
ilundo-10 ilundo-11 ilundo-12 ilundo-13

Signing The Agreement
This project represents a partnership between Ruaha Energy and the Ilundo Cooperative Society. Our management team recently visited with the Society to discuss the project and finalize the agreements. In addition to our CEO, our Senior Legal Officer Mr. Elay Nyamoga can be seen below, signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the project. In the bottom row of pictures, Elay can be seen on the left, discussing the agreement with the Cooperative’s vice chairwoman and chairman.

ilundo-26 ilundo-28 ilundo-29 ilundo-30