AfricaKaribu!!! Welcome to Ruaha Energy! We are a Tanzanian green energy company that develops, owns, and operates small scale (under 10MW) grid and off-grid renewable energy systems in underserved rural markets in Africa.

Our vision… One million customers, one village at a time…

Our journey… how we get there…

At the village level, we develop “beyond the grid” solutions, building micro-power plants and installing isolated micro-grid networks. In other rural markets we build utility scale facilities to deliver additional power to the local grid, which often suffers from outages, power fluctuations, and exhibits intermittent supply characteristics.

We strive to implement sustainable, clean energy solutions that optimize the renewable energy resources available in each market or village we serve; in one area, biomass, in another solar, in another hydropower, or a combination of technologies. Each solution we deliver balances the needs of the individual community and the renewable resources that are locally available, delivering the “appropriate energy solution”.

Appropriate energy solutions give each village or community a mechanism to unlock entrepreneurial potential and power progress; in a way that makes sense locally, and that is economically and environmentally sustainable.

Our goal, and the result, is increased economic and employment opportunities, higher living standards, and improved quality of life. This becomes a virtuous cycle that accelerates economic and social development, in a way that respects the local environment and delivers market-acceptable returns to our shareholders.

The Ruaha Energy team is committed to making a meaningful and positive contribution toward achieving these goals by delivering “power to the people” – by turning the lights on, one village at a time.

This is how we intend to make a difference! We invite you to join us on the journey, as a customer, as a partner, as an investor, or as a cheerleader!