Our Mission

“The Company’s mission is to stimulate sustainable economic development from the ground up by delivering clean, reliable, affordable, and environmentally friendly energy solutions, to underserved rural communities in Sub-Sahara Africa.”

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“We’re going to bring power to one million rural customers… One village at a time…” John Tate – CEO, Ruaha Energy

Ruaha Energy aims to help unlock the entrepreneurial potential of our customers, thereby increasing their capacity and ability to employ value-added agro-processing, light manufacturing, refrigeration, woodworking, and metal working activities in their communities. Our contribution: we bring “power to the people” by increasing our customer’s access to modern and sustainable energy delivery systems.

The supply of reliable and affordable power jump starts the virtuous cycle that begins when the lights are “turned on.” It gains traction as productivity improves and product diversification opportunities expand, and accelerates as employment increases and poverty levels are reduced. In the end, it enhances village quality of life!

Increased income levels bring about improved health, education, communications, and other socio-economic opportunities; which require additional power. And the virtuous cycle begins again, at a higher point on the ascending spiral of development.

The compass we use for keeping us focused on our mission – The ‘Global Sullivan Principles’