Off-Grid Projects

Off-Grid Projects

Our Company grows by turning on the lights “one village at a time.” We invite you to share our journey by clicking on the Village Icons below to view profiles and photos of each rural community we serve.

Malolo – Mini-Grid Biomass Test Site

village At Malolo we installed and tested a biomass system. The test was successful! near the village and helped us to develop a comprehensive long term biofuel system.

Zombo – Hybrid Mini-Grid Biomass/Solar PV Project

village Zombo is the company first operational village level, green energy project and represents the start of our planned program to electrify up to 100 off-grid, rural communities in the Kilosa District.
grants-eep Partial funding for the project was supplied by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, the Austrian Development Agency, and the UK Department for International Development under the provisions of a grant awarded to the Company, by the Energy and Environmental Partnership for Southern and Eastern Africa.