Hydro Partners

Hydropower Technology Partners

icon-hydro Our Hydropower partnerships allow us to introduce renewable energy systems utilizing the most state of the art, green energy technology available. As our portfolio of technology partners grows, we’ll find even more ways to introduce our energy solutions to more people in more places around the world.

Hydro Technology Partners: Rickly Hydrological Company

alliance-rickly Rickly manufactures and distributes hydro power equipment from micro to small hydro projects up to 10MW generating capacity. Their intent is to engineer and provide complete water-to-wire electrical generation packages with the best available technology that is dependable and economically feasible. The company has manufactured and supplied hydro instrumentation equipment for hydro power customers for over 50 years. Hydro equipment is their only business and they are dedicated to maintaining high standards and meeting the demands of their customers worldwide.

Hydro Technology Partners: US Hydropower Manufacturing Consortium

alliance-consortium Rickly Hydro has teamed with Ruaha Energy to collaborate with and form a consortium of US hydropower manufacturers to provide a solid, proven electromechanical hydro turbine, generator, controls and ancillary equipment, such as intake screening, valves, powerhouse cranes, etc. for Ruaha Energy’s plan for hydropower development, primarily for initial projects in Tanzania. The manufacturing consortium partners include, James Leffel & Co.s, Hyundai Ideal Electric Co., Elgin Industries, MLD Controls, Fisher Cast Steel, and Kone Cranes.

Hydro Technology Partners: Eco Engineering International (EEI)

alliance-eco engineering Eco-Engineering International was formed in 2013. The network has around 30 associates, representing a wide range of expertise in seven countries, including all areas of sustainable development, with a main focus on environmental engineering and management consulting services, particularly water-related projects of all types. EEI are consulting engineers, planners, and economists dedicated to making the Earth more livable at an affordable price, by making good decisions now to protect our future generations. In addition to our partnership, Eco-Engineering International has taken a share holding in Ruaha Energy.