Our first Run-of-River, grid-connected hydropower project is being developed near the village of Mahenge. When completed, the hydropower plant will be directly connected to the TANESCO national power grid, feeding up to 6.61 megawatts of renewable, green energy directly into the national power grid.

Status: Under Development
Project Type: Utility-Scale
Green Technologies: Run-of-River Hydropower
Power Generation: 6.61 Megawatts
Customer Types: Commercial Utility
Potential Customer Base: National Grid (TANESCO)
Energy Coverage: 24×7

Mahenge is located in the southwestern region of the Kilosa District in Tanzania. You can click on the map below for a larger view of its location.

map mahenge

The photo album shows the progression of the energy project from inception to completion. You can click on any of the photos below for a larger view of our progress.

Signing The Agreement
Ruaha Energy Chief Executive Officer John Tate, and Senior Manager Nurdin Abdulghafur (right), at a meeting with the Mahenge Village Council, singing an agreement for the land use for the green energy hydropower facility. Our Corporate Secretary, Ely Nyamoga (bottom photo) was also at the meeting to answer questions and work with village leaders to finalize the agreement.

Mahenge-01 Mahenge-02 Mahenge-03 Mahenge-04

Training Local Officials
Mike Rickly of Rickly Hydrological Company giving Ally Msangi, the hydrologist at the Rufiji Basin Water Board Office in Iringa, some training on the Rickly testing equipment. Ruaha donated the equipment for the water and weather monitoring stations, as part of our USTDA grant!

Mahenge-05 Mahenge-06 Mahenge-07