Kilosa Town

Kilosa Town

Our next grid-connected solar project is being developed in Kilosa Town. When completed, the solar plant will be directly connected to the TANESCO national power grid, feeding up to 0.95 megawatts of renewable, green energy directly into the national power grid. The company has purchased the land for the site and conducted a preliminary survey for the planned site layout. In addition, an adjacent plot containing an existing house has been purchased. The structure will be renovated to serve as the site administration building and out regional headquarters.

Status: Letter of Intent Pending
Project Type: Utility-Scale
Green Technologies: Solar PV
Power Generation: 0.95 Megawatts
Customer Types: Commercial Utility
Potential Customer Base: National Grid (TANESCO)
Energy Coverage: 8×7

Kilosa Town is located in the southwestern region of the Kilosa District in Tanzania. You can click on the maps below for a larger view of its location.


map mahenge arial-kilosa town

The photo album shows the progression of the energy project from inception to completion. You can click on any of the photos below for a larger view of our progress.

Kilosa Town Plot
Photos of the KIlosa Town solar site plot. The land encompasses approximately three hectares (29,000 square meters).

Kilosa Town-01
Kilosa Town-02 Kilosa Town-03 Kilosa Town-04 Kilosa Town-05

New Regional Headquarters
The structure located on the plot adjacent to the planned solar site contains the house we will renovate into our new regional headquarters. This will serve as our local base of operations and the existing building will help speed up our development of the project.

Kilosa Town-06 Kilosa Town-07 Kilosa Town-08 Kilosa Town-09

Kilosa Town – Preliminary Layout
This is the preliminary design for the Company’s next Utility-Scale solar farm. We expect to complete initial planning for the site by mid 2017.

Click to EnlargeKilosa Town - Preliminary Layout