New Workshop Facilities at Ruaha Headquarters

Our headquarters facilities are being upgraded and expanded so the company can have a greater capacity for logistics and supply chain management to support the construction, installation, operations, and maintenance of Ruaha’s power generation, and distribution network projects. In the second Quarter of 2016, a new workshop was added at our headquarters in Dar es Salaam. The construction of this facility was entirely undertaken by Ruaha Energy’s in-house construction team. Leveraging our own construction capabilities will allow us to bring new village and Utility-Scale projects on line with efficient, low-cost, and quick to market installations.

The photo album shows the progression of the project. You can click on any of the photos below for a larger view of our progress.

New Workshop Construction
Ruaha Energy’s new workshop, quite literally from the ground up! In the first photo below, the loader is parked precisely on the plot the new workshop now stands on. Through this series of photos, you can see our people, using our equipment to complete the structure.

workshop-01 workshop-02 workshop-03 workshop-04
workshop-05 workshop-06 workshop-07 workshop-08