Malolo was the test site for the Husk Power Systems biomass technology. We successfully constructed and tested a fully operational Husk biomass power plant. Our experience with this test site helped prepare us to move ahead with the launch of our first round of village level, off-grid electrification projects. These first village sites serve as the foundation for our planned program to electrify up to 100 off-grid rural communities, in the Kilosa District.

Status: Tested, Successful
Project Type: Off-Grid
Green Technologies: Biomass
Power Generation: 23 Kilowatts
Customer Types: Residential, Business, Civil
Potential Customer Base: Pilot Site
Energy Coverage: N/A

Malolo is located in the southwestern region of the Kilosa District, in Tanzania. You can click on the map below for a larger view of its location.

map malolo

The photo album shows the progression of the energy project from inception to completion. You can click on any of the photos below for a larger view of our progress.

Biomass Test Site
The completed and fully tested Husk Biomass system and the powerhouse containing the backup diesel generation system at the test site in Malolo. In addition, we constructed a staff quarters and office at the location, which served as the model for the structures built at our new sites.

Malolo-01 Malolo-02 Malolo-03 Malolo-06
Malolo-07 Malolo-08 Malolo-09 Malolo-10