Our Partners

No man is an island and no company is a fortress… Ruaha Energy recognizes the right partners are a key component of our success. We’ve formed strategic partnerships with some of the world’s most innovative and experienced technology, engineering, and renewable energy organizations. Through collaboration and by leveraging our combined expertise, we can deliver quality, reliable energy solutions to our customers… faster, better, and more economically…

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District Partners:  Kilosa District Council (KDC)

alliance-kdc The Kilosa Council is a major organ of the local government, responsible for ensuring the delivery of quality public services, to the residents in the Kilosa District. We’ve entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Kilosa District Council to launch an ambitious portfolio of solar projects in the Kilosa District that will include 40 megawatts of utility grade facilities, and up to 10 megawatts of 100 kilowatt installations, to serve the needs of off-grid rural communities in Kilosa District.

Engineering Partners:  Ritoch-Powell & Associates (RPA)

alliance-rpa Ritoch-Powell is a full-service civil engineering and surveying firm specializing in transportation, public works, and private development projects. We’ve selected RPA to conduct the feasibility studies for our hydropower projects, and provide support for our utility grade solar projects (RPA developed the largest off-grid solar project in the US). Together we’ve assembled a consortium of hydropower manufacturing partners, to assist with the development our 40 megawatt portfolio of small hydropower projects, each under 10 megawatts.

Technology Partners:  Rickly Hydrological Company

alliance-rickly Rickly manufactures and distributes hydro power equipment from micro to small hydro projects up to 10MW generating capacity. Their intent is to engineer and provide complete water-to-wire electrical generation packages with the best available technology that is dependable and economically feasible. The company has manufactured and supplied hydro instrumentation equipment for hydro power customers for over 50 years. Hydro equipment is their only business and they are dedicated to maintaining high standards and meeting the demands of their customers worldwide.

Funding Partners:  TRINE

alliance-trine TRINE seeks to close the gap between private capital in developed countries and local solar partners in emerging markets. TRINE is a part of Triple Impact Scandinavia AB and is incubated at Chalmers Innovation in Gothenburg, Sweden. TRINE provides a crowdfunding platform to support solar energy projects, at the individual village level (like ours!). Through our partnership, we hope to bring together others from all over the world to help us power the continent.

Biofuel Technology Partners:  Husk Power Systems (India)

alliance-husk Husk offers end-to-end renewable energy solutions using a proprietary technology that cost-effectively convert biomass waste into electricity. During the last decade, Husk has installed more than 80 power plants in over 350 villages, in India and Uganda. In October 2014, we entered into a joint venture with Husk to provides biomass technology, training and support for the development of our Malolo pilot project. We’ve had great success integrating the Husk system into one of our pilot, off-grid power plants.

Solar Technology Partners:  REDAVIA GmbH (Germany)

REDAVIA provides containerized, preassembled, re-deployable solar farms to communities and industrial operations in remote areas and developing countries. Their solar farms supplement diesel-generated energy with low-cost power on short-term contracts that can be extended to meet the changing needs of the local communities over time. We’ve partnered with them to help us introduce their technology into several of our initial off-grid, solar hybrid projects.

Solar Technology Partners:  Cronimet Mining Power Solutions GmbH (Germany)

alliance-cronimet Cronimet is a utility-scale project developer and independent power producer focused on solar photovoltaic (PV) technology. They develop, finance, own and operate utility-scale solar plants that provide renewable energy to mining companies, industrial facilities, and municipalities worldwide. Cronimet has joined with us in developing our portfolio of grid connected solar PV and hybrid projects. At full capacity, our project will deliver 40 megawatts of renewable energy to the area’s power grid.