Biofuel Partners

Biofuel Technology Partners

icon-biofuel Our Biofuel partnerships allow us to introduce renewable energy systems utilizing the most state of the art, green energy technology available. As our portfolio of technology partners grows, we’ll find even more ways to introduce our energy solutions to more people, in more places around the world.

Biofuel Technology Partners:  Husk Power Systems (India)

alliance-husk Husk offers end-to-end renewable energy solutions using a proprietary technology that cost-effectively convert biomass waste into electricity. During the last decade, Husk has installed more than 80 power plants in over 350 villages, in India and Uganda. In October 2014, we entered into a joint venture with Husk to provides biomass technology, training and support for the development of our Malolo pilot project. We’ve had great success integrating the Husk system into one of our pilot, off-grid power plants.